There’s one more chance to win a puck for the Frost Fest puck hunt!

This Friday, January 21st, we will release the clue for the gold puck! You can win a big prize so you won’t want to miss it.

Visit our social media @macgrovecc or our website for the clue! Good luck!

Bronze and Silver Clues:
Bronze clue: If you analyze this clue, you will find the Root of the problem. My cup is filled to the Brim and my shirt is full of crumbs. I won’t Dance around the clue, if you ask a Saint, they will lead you to this avenue.

Location: [This puck has been found] On the ledge in between Roots Roasting and Cinema Ballroom!
Silver Clue: This clue has been Engineered to be slightly more difficult. However, if you Study it hard enough, you will yield results. Too much studying can make you Plumb tuckered out, but do some Research, take the Plunge and you’ll find what it’s all about.

Location: [This puck has been found] By the Frey Science and Engineering building on the University of St. Thomas Campus next to the Plunge statue which is a replica of a plunge bob.