**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MGCC office is currently closed. This means that the BPI certified bags we typically give out from our office are not available for the time being. You may pick up bags from the  County sites, or purchase BPI-certified compostable bags from a store like  Ace Home Depot, or  Target.**

Interested in reducing the amount of waste you toss into your trash can, minimizing your environmental impact, or saving money on your trash bill? Join today and start bringing your compostable organic waste, meat, dairy, bones, and non-recyclable paper to the Macalester-Groveland Organics Recycling Drop-off Site.

Once we receive your registration, we will follow up with a member guide sent to your email. The member guide will share the location of the site, as well as what is or isn’t accepted. Please allow a day or two for the confirmation.

sign-up for the organics site!

The Organics Recycling Drop-off Site offers even avid backyard composters the opportunity to compost more materials like egg cartons, paper towels, napkins, meat and bones, dairy products, compostable tableware, pizza boxes too greasy for recycling pick-up, and much more (see our member guide linked below for a complete list). The Macalester-Groveland Organics Recycling Drop-off Site is completely free for anyone who lives or works in Saint Paul, thanks to support from the City of Saint Paul.

How it works:

Sign up to receive your  member guide, which gives you 24/7 access to the Drop-off Site.Pick up BPI-certified compostable bags at the Community Council office or at a local grocery or hardware store. Plastic bags contaminate our compost and are not allowed.Start collecting food scraps, leftovers, nonrecyclable papers and much more at home and bring them to the Drop-off Site.Organics are hauled to a high heat, commercial composting facility and processed into nutrient-rich finished compost.

Free compostable bags:

The MGCC office is a Ramsey County free compostable bag distribution site. Anyone can stop by during office hours or by appointment to pick up 3 free compostable bags in either a small 3 gallon or medium 13 gallon size.

Why do I need to register annually?

Members’ annual registration information helps us track how many people are using the Drop-off Site so that we can make sure we have enough scheduled pick-ups to accommodate everyone’s materials, and it allows us to share important updates and information with our members and help ensure we keep our collected organics—and the resulting compost– free of contamination.

Organics Recycling Resources:

The Macalester-Groveland Community Council has developed resources to make organics recycling at home convenient and easy.

Our Member Guide Photos of in-home set-ups for organics recycling, backyard compost, and trash bins to fit your space requirements and family size.Our recommendations for the  best BPI-certified compostable bags available locally.Free color labels for  organics,  recycling and  trash bins.Ramsey County’s detailed  Yes/No organics recycling materials list

Other Organics Drop-Off Sites:

Ramsey County offers food scraps collection at their 24/7 drop-off sites and Yard Waste sites to all Ramsey County residents, free of charge.  Learn more about the locations of these additional sites, hours, and accepted items here.

MGCC welcomes the expansion of organics recycling services throughout our county, especially since we know that this will provide more convenient drop-off options for residents in other parts of the city. You can also pick-up free BPI-certified compostable bags at these locations, too.

We welcome your questions! Contact us at 651-695-4000 or mgcc@macgrove.org.