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Use the handbook below as a reference guide to build your toolkit. Whether you’re looking for crime prevention resources, organizing a block party or working to address a neighborhood issue, this handbook is for you.

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Sharing your block club information with MGCC helps us to connect new residents with their block clubs and share updates with neighbors. (Staff will never share your contact information without permission.)

National Night Out

Click the icon above to learn more about registering your block for National Night Out 

Zero Waste Tips

Make your block party zero waste with these tips from the City of St. Paul!

Crime Prevention 101 Presentation

Consider organizing a Crime Prevention 101 presentation for your block! Contact  Patty Lammers at SPPD (651-266-5455) to schedule.

Block Club Resources

Contact the Macalester-Groveland Community Council with questions or concerns. Email us or call (651) 695-4000

Rent Street Barricades

Rent street barricades from MGCC for your summer block party (not valid on National Night Out)

Rent Clearstream Containers

Click the icon above to Rent ClearStream Containers from MGCC for your block party

Block Club Ideas

Block club ideas from the City of St. Paul

More Information

Block Clubs
  • A Block Club is a group of neighbors living within one or more city blocks who gather regularly to socialize, address common concerns, promote communication and improve block safety.
  • A block club traditionally includes houses on a block facing each other but may span several blocks and may include homes across an alley.
  • Residents can decide to organize at any level. However, there are basic aspects of a club that are necessary if they are to be recognized as such by their respective district council.
  • Clubs may also become involved with community issues such as working with beautification, traffic calming, crime prevention, community development, and other district council activities.

By being actively involved, residents take responsibility for themselves and their neighborhoods while working together to solve problems. If you’re interested in identifying or starting a block club, contact  Patty Lammers at SPPD 651-266-5455, or reach out to us at or call 651-695-4000.