Inclusivity Task Force

What is the Inclusivity Task Force?

MGCC recognizes that equitable community engagement is a critical component of our work. We are dedicated to ensuring that we reach into every part of our community and that our work benefits all our residents. We value the diverse perspectives that additional voices can bring to our conversations and the meaningful outcomes that we can achieve with more authentic engagement. A diversity of perspectives is an essential component of accountable and representative decision-making.

In recognition that the MGCC could do more in pursuit of equitable engagement, the Board of Directors created the Inclusivity Task Force (ITF).

Brief history of ITF


ITF was created in March of 2016. The task force consisted of nine board members and the executive director who began their work by looking at community demographic data and conducted a survey to compare MGCC to rest of the community. The findings from the task force’s work led to the restructuring of the MGCC Board of Directors in March of 2017.


In 2017, six District Councils participated in an Innovation Fund Project and engaged in an equity planning process. Working with a consultant, the group framed a systematic and systemic approach for equitable engagement. Each District Council used this framework for creating a Council-specific Investment Rationale and Equity Strategic Action Plan.


All 17 District Councils agreed to allocate the Innovation Funds evenly between all Councils for work towards achieving greater equity within each organization, district, and/or collaboratively among districts.  See below for MGCC’s 2018 Inclusivity and Equity Strategic Action Plan that resulted from this work.


The Inclusivity Task Force began meeting regularly as a committee.


We are working on the creation of a Mac-Grove  Equitable Development Scorecard.

Read a full history of the Inclusivity Task Force and the first Inclusivity and Equity Strategic Action Plan from 2018 

View the 2022 MGCC Inclusivity and Equity Strategic Action Plan

Read the full resolution passed by the MGCC Board of Directors regarding equity and access to city parks here

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The committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

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