Environmental Sub-Committee

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Environmental sub-committee

The Environmental Committee is a sub-committee of the Community Building Team (CBT). CBT’s mission is to cultivate an engaged community by fostering ideas that build connections, preserve safety, and enhance the unique character of Macalester Groveland.

The Environmental Committee’s efforts are focused on creating a community that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly through initiatives such as community cleanups, native gardens, organics recycling, and addressing issues related to climate change.

Pollinator Garden Planting Initiative

The environmental sub-committee is starting a Pollinator Garden Planting Initiative in Mac-Grove! Learn more about planting a native garden, its benefits, and how to plant your own.

about pocket prairie

My Pocket Prairie was born on the idea that anyone can, and should, have a native garden in their yard! Creating a little haven for our smallest neighbors can be easier than you thought.

The idea sparked and grew in Minnesota Native Landscape’s greenhouses in Foley, MN. Now you can bring a pocket prairie home to your property with a unique collection of locally sourced products perfect for attracting birds, butterflies, and beauty to your backyard.

Native Plants

This garden contains a total of 27 perennial native plants. These plants are locally grown and sourced, meaning they will thrive in our Upper Midwest conditions. Some of the plants include: swamp milkweed, purple prairie clover, gray goldenrod, and many more. Click on the icon above to learn more!


These gardens serve important ecosystem benefits such as providing a food source and habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Click on the icon above to learn more!

Reduce water consumption

Once a native garden is established, it will thrive on its own. Native plants have deep tap roots that can access ground moisture that is not available to non-native plants. Click on the icon above to learn more!