Programs & Events

Alley Garden Awards

The Alley Garden Awards are one of our most popular programs! Each summer, volunteer judges go out and award flags to alley gardens that meet the criteria. This program helps prevent crime and beautifies the neighborhood.

block ambassador program

The Union Park District Council, Macalester-Groveland Community Council, University of St. Thomas and Macalester College have come together to provide resources and support for Block Clubs. Click below to learn more!

Century Building Project

Is your house 100 years old? Many are or will be in the next five years – we want to celebrate them. Click below to purchase yours!

Frost Fest

Frost Fest takes place on the last Saturday in January at the Groveland Ice Rinks. Enjoy free ice skating, games, hot chocolate, bonfires, and more!

community cleanups

The environmental committee hosts two community cleanups each year in the Spring and Fall. Click below to join us at our next cleanup!

Great Mac-Grove Garage Sale

The Great Mac-Grove Garage Sale takes place on the last Saturday in August. Get rid of unused items in your home while connecting with neighbors!

Home Improvement Workshop Day

Home Improvement Workshop Day will offer 45-minute to one-hour workshops pertaining to topics deemed relevant to the residents of Mac-Grove and Highland. Click below to learn more!

Little Free Library Tour

The LFLT is an all-ages book search event touring the little free libraries of the neighborhood. We aim to spark curiosity, adventure, and explorative learning through this playful, self-guided tour

Mac-Grove Fest

Mac-Grove Fest takes place on the second Saturday in September. Enjoy live music, free activities, a marketplace with your favorite local business, food trucks, and more!

Organics recycling drop-off site

Interested in reducing the amount of waste you toss into your trash can, minimizing your environmental impact, or saving money on your trash bill? Join today and start bringing your compostable organic waste to the Mac-Grove Organics Drop-off Site.

Mac-Grove Moves

Throughout the month of September, walk/bike/take public transit to your destinations and log trips to win prizes! Click below to learn more about Mac-Grove Moves.


Are you interesting in learning about topics such as gardening, mental health, climate change, solar, antiracism, and more? Click below to watch recordings of experts discussing these topics! Stayed tuned for more upcoming webinars in 2022.