The City of Saint Paul has been working with SRF Consulting to conduct a study of St. Paul’s Residential Permit Parking Program.  Findings were that generally the system is functioning well, but permit limits are higher than other cities and permit prices are lower than other cities.  Public Works also conducted a survey that was mailed to all permit parking users (781 total responses) and posted on Open Saint Paul (354 responses) to gather community input on the permit parking system.  After review, the Department of Public Works has now identified potential changes to help simplify and make the system more user-friendly as well as allow for easier enforcement.

How can I learn more or share feedback? 

Staff from the City of Saint Paul’s Department of Public Works will be presenting the proposed changes at the next meeting of the Transportation committee of the Macalester-Groveland Community Council:

Monday March 26th
Edgcumbe Rec Center, 320 S Griggs St

The meeting is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

What changes are proposed for permit parking generally in Saint Paul?  

  • The City will update the database software to allow for online renewals in future
  • The City will standardize permit types and number of permits allowed accross permit parking areas.
  • The City will simplify posted restrictions for ease of understanding.
  • The City will work with Saint Paul Police Dept on possible use of License Plate Recognition (LPR) in future
  • The prices will stay at $15 per permit and $1 per hang tag
  • All areas will have a maximum of 3 vehicle (stickers) and 2 visitor (placards) per household.
  • The City is also considering potential simplification of permit restrictions on Grand Ave, but has not yet developed recommendations.

Read more about proposed changes for Permit Parking Areas 15-24.
See a map of existing areas 15-24.
See a map of proposed changes to time restrictions in areas 15-24.
See a map of proposed combinations of select permit parking areas. 

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