Join in by leaving your car at home and walking, jogging, biking or taking transit April through June!

There’s lots to love in Macalester-Groveland, but one of the best things about our neighborhood is how walkable and bikeable it is! Chances are you’ve seen several people in the neighborhood biking to work, catching a bus to the grocery store, or walking to a coffee shop at some point this week – why not join them? You’ll get out into the neighborhood, save money, and support our local businesses.

To participate, leave your car at home and walk, jog, bike, or take public transit to your destination at least 15 times between 2019 dates announced in January!  Turn in up to three log sheets by the end of June (that’s a total of 45 trips) to be entered to win great prizes – including Mac-Grove t-shirts and gift cards to local Mac-Grove businesses. Grab your neighbors and form a team to compete for an excellent Grand Prize! Enter your trips in the online form, or keep track on the log sheet included in the Spring edition of the Illuminator newsletter.  Through June 30, keep an eye on the MGCC Facebook page for great walking, biking and public transit tips and ideas from your fellow Mac-Grove residents. You can also pick-up log sheets at the Edgcumbe and Groveland Recreation Centers or at Community Council events throughout the spring.  For more information on MacGrove Moves, contact us at 651-695-4000 or mgcc@macgrove.org .  

Mac-Grove moves 

Join in by leaving your car at home and walking, jogging, biking or taking transit throughout the month of September. Log your trips and submit to win prizes!