For information about joining the Macalester-Groveland Community Council Board of Directors, contact 651-695-4000 or More information on the basic expectations of serving as a board member can be found here.

Each year at the Annual Meeting, a third of the board is elected to 3-year terms (learn more about the changes we made to our Annual meeting and Board Elections due to COVID-19 here)

Changes to MGCC’s bylaws were approved by the community in 2020. View the updated MGCC Bylaws here. See this page for more details and information on the individual changes.

Mac-Groveland District Borders
Grid map for residential directors

Click on the grid number next to the director’s name to view a detailed map of that grid. Learn more about your board of directors below!

Grid 1

Tom Dietsche, Treasurer, Grid 1 Representative
I grew up on a dairy farm in the 1950’s. To escape that life, I started a software company my senior year at UW-Madison. Moved to St. Paul in 1975 and to Mac-Groveland in 1994. I’ve also co-owned a restaurant and managed a mobile home park. Being bored in semi-retirement, I joined the board in 2015. By engaging with city planning, zoning, transportation, businesses and community events, I’ve tried to improve our quality of life in Mac-Groveland. In my spare time, I work out, play pool, read SF and mysteries, watch sports, revise bylaws, and volunteer with other nonprofit groups. I also collect zany t-shirts, tell puns to annoy my wife, and help care for and bond with our deaf rescue mini-poodle Java.

Grid 2

Hugo Bruggeman

Hugo Bruggeman, Grid 2 Representative
I am serving as a Grid 2 representative since 2020, and have been a member of the MGCC Transportation committee since 2018 (Chair of the committee since 2020). As a board member I will be inclusive and transparent in my role to facilitate the communication between you, the residents of MGCC, and the elected City officials. Inclusive actions and consensus building have been my primary professional activities during the past three years, and I am looking forward to leverage these in serving you and all our neighbors.
As a Grid-2 representative, I plan to engage with a great number of you to better understand the diverse interests of the people in our community. I will also seek your support to act on the pressing topics of our time, such as racism, global warming and equity. So please join me to think globally and act locally.

Saura Jost

Saura Jost, Grid 2 Representative
I grew up in St. Paul in the Macalester Groveland neighborhood. I went to Central High School, University of Minnesota for my undergraduate degree, and the University of Washington for graduate school. I moved back St. Paul after school and currently work as a structural engineer in Minneapolis, MN. I decided to join the board so that I could become more involved in our community. Since I have lived here most of my life and am now raising a family here, I care a lot about the neighborhood, our neighbors, and that Mac Grove continues to be a great place to live for everyone. I hope to make the neighbors feel more connected to what is happening in our community and the decisions being made. In my spare time, I enjoy taking my son on adventures with my partner, watching sports or going to games (go Vikings!), and getting outdoors when it isn’t too cold. 

Grid 3

Athena Adkins, Grid 3 Representative
My family has lived in the neighborhood since 2012. My boys play lacrosse and attend Circus Juventas—if you haven’t seen a Spring or Summer show, you should! They are amazing! We like to ski and snowboard in the winter and in the Spring and Summer, I plant a vegetable garden in my front yard and encourage my neighbors to help themselves. In my family, we believe that food is love and we have plenty to share. I am involved with MGCC because I like to know what is going on in the neighborhood and I am a big believer that democracy is hard work and relationships matter. I hope to see you around the neighborhood!

Joyce Krech

Joyce Krech, President, Grid 3 Representative
I’ve been a resident of Macalester Groveland for over 30 years and have served as a member of MGCC for close to half that time. I represent Grid 3 and am currently serving as the Board President. I enjoy being able to contribute to our neighborhood and community as a whole. I first became involved in MGCC because of a very specific issue but quickly determined MGCC gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and get involved with so much more. I encourage you to reach out to me or MGCC to see how you can participate or share your ideas.

Grid 4

Art Punyko

Art Punyko, Grid 4 Residential Representative

For the past 24 years, I have called Macalester-Groveland home.  My home life is centered around my husband Tom, our large families, and our two dogs.   We love the access to St. Paul’s running and biking trails, local baseball, and our great local arts scene.  We love Macalester-Groveland because of the diversity and vibrancy of our local streets, businesses, and colleges.   

An engineer by profession, I bring an engaged and collaborative approach to resolving issues within our neighborhood.   I am excited to be part of MGCCs efforts to reach out to under-represented groups within our community.   I have supported projects and initiatives that align with St. Paul’s comprehensive plan, improve safety, and those that include affordable housing.   I care about our beautiful city, our collective future, and I am honored to serve on the MGCC board of directors.

Drew Nelson

Drew Nelson, Grid 4 Residential Representative
Hi neighbors! My wonderful wife Nichole and I are happy to call Mac-Grove home, and I’m honored and excited to serve the grid! I got involved with MGCC because I’m a firm believer that large scale problems require dedicated, local action and that all communities have a responsibility to work towards these solutions. I believe my background as a Navy vet, civil servant, and incrementalist has helped me build a skill set to support that action here in Mac-Grove. I hope to see you around the neighborhood!

Grid 5

Grid 5 Residential Representative: OPEN SEAT.

Information on expectations of board members available above.

Email if you are interested.

Gene Johnson, Secretary, Grid 5 Residential Representative
Gene Johnson and his wife, Linda Paul, have lived in a Wilder Park townhome overlooking Ayd Mill Road since 2015. Before that, they lived in a nearby city across the Mississippi River. Since moving here, they have learned that St Paul is not the scary place people on the other side of the river make it out to be. Gene worked in all aspects of real estate before retiring, spending most years in property management focusing on low and moderate-income housing and vacant, foreclosed homes. Before joining the MGCC Board, Gene served three years on the Wilder Park HOA Board and can testify that MGCC Board meetings are a much more pleasant and collegial experience! Gene is currently Secretary of the MGCC Board and is a member of the Transportation and Housing and Land Use Committees. During the summer, Gene & Linda enjoy gardening and, in the winter, do our best to stay warm.

At-Large Residential Representatives

Colin Fesser

Colin Fesser, At-Large Residential Representative
I first became involved with St. Paul’s district councils when my first child was on the way and I decided that it was a good way to help create the city that I want my children to grow up in. I love walking our tree-lined residential streets, getting coffee in our commercial nodes, and hopping on our bike lanes to get to other neighborhoods’ libraries. And I love teaching my two kids how to do the same even more. As a disabled person, though, I struggle with those spots in our neighborhood where not everything is as accessible for everyone as it could be. My goal as an Residential Representative is to fill those gaps and make this community one that works for ALL of our residents.

Kate Baxter-Kauf, Vice President, At-Large Residential Representative
I’ve loved the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood since I started as a first year at Macalester in 1998.  After spending a few years away for grad school and debate coaching, my husband and I have lived here since 2007, and our daughter joined us in 2008.  We’ve been renters and homeowners, and strong supporters of our public schools – Kiernan went to Randolph Heights, and is now at Ramsey.  I love learning about the history of the neighborhood and its institutions and serve on the MGCC in order to make those institutions and this neighborhood more inclusive and supportive of all community members going forward.  I’d love to talk more with you about it!

Kathy McGuire

Kathy McGuire, At-Large Residential Representative
Thank you to the residents of Macalester Groveland who elected me to serve as their MGCC representative. I am committed to our community, and I look forward to engaging with all residents and board members in working toward common goals, strengthening our community, and resolving issues through careful fact-finding and open, respectful discussion.  My life’s work has been teaching, and I am passionate about health and education.  I want to be sure that our community provides safe, healthy living environments for all residents, and that we provide strong, rich educational environments for the children of our community. Please contact me at any time to discuss your thoughts and concerns for our neighborhood.

Dave Pasiuk, At-Large Residential Representative
I am proud to help celebrate and advance the MacGrove neighborhood in the city of St Paul. I lived elsewhere in the Midwest and returned to my native St Paul, buying a home in MG with my wife several decades ago. You might see us walking and bicycling around the neighborhood, or waiting to hop on a Metro Transit bus. We greatly appreciate the ability to leave the car home when we get around and I work to make this a viable choice for all of us. I have a long history of involvement in MGCC — committee and leadership roles in transportation, land use, and housing. Together we can make this a stronger neighborhood that supports the quality of life throughout St Paul. Happy to be your neighbor. 

Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner, At-Large Business Representative
Brian Wagner, M.Ed. in Education Administration and Counseling, BA in Creative and Performing Arts.  Realtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet, Prior career in higher education working at Walden University and Macalester College.  Serves as the At-Large Business Representative for MGCC since 2018.  Chair of the MGCC Community Building Committee, Member of the MGCC Inclusivity Task Force.   MGCC liaison to the Grand Avenue Business Association(GABA) and Secretary of GABA.   Co-chair of the Future is Grand Task Force – a collaboration between the Summit Hill Association, GABA and MGCC.  A lover of dogs, quilting, gardening, and road biking. 

Colin Voerding

Colin Voerding, At-Large Business Representative
I grew up in St. Paul in the Macalester Groveland neighborhood. I went to Highland Park Jr. & Sr. High. I left for Winona State University  where I earned my Undergraduate B.S. Degree in Marketing.  I moved back to St. Paul after school and embarked on a 30-year sales career. I am currently a Licensed MN Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty.  I am passionate about the Realtor Code of Ethics and will pursue justice and fairness will everyone equally. I participate in giving back to the community in a couple of ways. first as a GED/ESL volunteer Tutor at the Rondo Community Center and delivering Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels for the past 30 years. I am excited to be on the board so I could become more involved in our community and contribute to the well-being of our neighborhood. The security and safety of all is my primary objective.

Cindy Radtke, At Large Faith Representative
Volunteering in local governance empowers me when national headlines overwhelm. And the local level is where things truly get changed. As the At-Large Faith institution Representative and as a resident in Mac-Grove (though not required for this position) I take the core of what all faiths have in common: to do justice and walk humbly. We’ve started Faith Roundtables in which all people are welcome to attend. These are a chance to connect to each other, connect to the Mac-Grove Community Council, and support each other in common areas. People who attend our faith institutions can spend more time in our neighborhood than in their home neighborhood, making them invaluable voices in our community.

Cathy Plessner, At Large Residential Landlord Representative
MGCC helps me “think globally and act locally”. For 50 years I have lived in one of the most privileged neighborhoods in the world. I feel humbled, and inspired, by the way our neighbors share their time and talent. By 2045 the United States is predicted to be the most diverse country in the world. I ask:  If not here, where can civil conversation help all neighbors feel included? In my 6 years as a MGCC Board Representative I have attended meetings throughout our city, and two International Town and Gown Conferences, to help me learn about our neighborhood‘s context. Today’s world challenges us to become comfortable with discomfort. I am grateful to be part of the local forum MGCC provides to foster respect for all of our neighbors.

Tim Schmidt, At Large Education Representative
I’ve lived in Saint Paul with periodic departures and eventual returns for nearly 15 years.  First as a young adult renter, then as a landlord.  And currently with my family of 6, plus our bulldog.  I believe the community of people, our proximity to parks, the river and the vitality that comes from living near multiple colleges and universities has kept drawing me back.  I joined the board because I believe that individual participation is important to the continued progress and healthy growth of our neighborhood and city.  Effort, no matter how much or little recognition comes with it make a difference.  And, I hope by participating on the MGCC Board to continue making a positive difference in the community my family calls home.

Kensey Lipstreuer, At-Large Renter Representative
While I may have been born and raised in Texas, I feel like I found a true home sweet home in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood since moving here in 2015. I love the community togetherness and the ability to live a more planet-friendly lifestyle with so many sustainable options within walking distance. In my spare time, when I’m not globetrotting with friends exploring other cultures first hand, I enjoy yoga, learning to read natal birth charts, designing logos, listening to thought provoking podcasts and watching British television crime series and sci-fi films. I’m looking forward to embarking on a new future as a social entrepreneur and getting more involved in our wonderful, growing community.

Katie Chin, At-Large Student Representative
I am currently a junior at Macalester College, where I am majoring in history and minoring in Spanish. After I graduate I plan on going to law school. I am originally from Waterloo, Iowa but I have lived in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood since starting college in 2018. I am very passionate about community organizing and public service and have worked on the campaigns of Amy Klobuchar, Angie Craig, and most recently Shelly Christiansen. Some issues that are important to me are climate change and healthcare. I run most mornings and I hope I see some of you around!