Board Elections

In April 2022, the Mac-Grove Community will elect the following Board of Directors Representatives:

Residential Grid Representatives:

  • Two Grid 1 Representatives: Grid 1 residents elected by residents of Grid 1.
  • Two Grid 3 Representatives: Grid 3 residents elected by residents of Grid 3.
  • Two Grid 5 Representatives: Grid 5 residents elected by residents of Grid 5.

At-Large Residential Representatives:

  • Two At-Large Residential Representatives: Mac-Grove residents elected by all Mac-Grove residents.

Check  here for information on the responsibilities of being a member of the MGCC Board of Directors. 

MGCC Elections

Each year, 1/3 of the board representatives are elected to a three-year term by community members. In 2020, elections moved from in-person paper ballots at the Annual Meeting to remote voting via paper or electronic ballot. 

Residential grid representatives must live in the grid they represent and are elected by Mac-Grove community members currently living in that grid. At-large residential representatives must live in Mac-Grove and are elected by Mac-Grove community members currently living anywhere in Macalester-Groveland. 

In 2021, at-large organizational/institutional representatives (educational, faith, business, student, renter, landlord) were elected by members of their organizational/institutional community. 

More information is available in the MGCC Bylaws .

Check back here for more information on elections in February 2022!

Opportunities to learn more:

Schedule a 1:1 virtual meeting with the MGCC Executive Director, Alexa, via Zoom or phone  here.

Sign-up to attend a virtual Zoom community meeting to learn more:

  • Tuesday, January 18th from 6:30-7pm
  • Wednesday, February 2nd from 6:30-7pm

If you are interested in attending, email  mgcc@macgrove.org. Additional information will be provided as the dates get closer.

2022 Annual Meeting

The 2022 MGCC Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm via Zoom. This event will be held virtually with all participants attending remotely. Check back soon for registration for this community gathering.

2021 Board of Directors

Meet the 2021 Board Members

The election took place in April 2021 – the positions that were filled included two At-Large Business Reps, one At-Large Renter Rep, one At-Large Student Rep, and one At-Large Educational Institution Rep

Meet the rest of the Board

For information about joining the Macalester-Groveland Community Council Board of Directors, contact Alexa at 651-695-4000 or  alexa@macgrove.org .

More information on the basic expectations of serving as a board member can be found below.

Watch the 2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Meeting was held remotely via Zoom in April 2021.